About EFA

EFA Laboratories

EFA Laboratories, Ltd. (EFA) specializes in Japanese asbestos analyses.  The laboratory is centrally-located in Kanda-Jimbocho, Tokyo.  It was established in April 2006 under a joint venture agreement with California-based Forensic Analytical Laboratories, Inc and Tokyo-based Earth-Appraisal. Forensic Analytical is a leading US consulting and laboratory firm providing health risk assessments for construction, legal, municipal and financial sectors.  Earth-Appraisal is one of the leading environmental engineering and consulting companies in Japan.  In 2010 EFA became an independent analytical laboratory. The combined experience of the two firms makes EFA a leader in Japanese asbestos analysis and management.  

EFA provides high-quality asbestos analyses and analytical consultation services in Japan.    Since its inception, EFA have complete well over 20,000 analyses in a variety of matrices.  EFA has built a reputation for being a fast and most reliable laboratory.

EFA Laboratories Analytical Services

1.Analyses of asbestos containing materials using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) methods
2.Analyses of asbestos fiber concentrations in air using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) methods
3.Asbestos clearance sample analyses based on Japanese and U.S environmental standards (JIS K-3850, AHERA, Yamate, NIOSH 7402 and ISO 10312)
4.Low concentration asbestos analyses using gravimetric reduction and/or electron microscopy methods (TEM, SEM)
5.Vermiculite analyses using the Chatfield float method
6.Potable and/or wastewater asbestos analyses
7.Asbestos sampling (bulk or atmospheric); asbestos management consultation; and specialized support for research projects